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  Time 2008-9-18 comes 2008-9-20 Cycle 1 / year Establish time Application ends 2008-9-1 Zheng Bian district of showpiece dot Zhengzhou city 96 The name that exhibit a house Central Plains international reads extensively center Showpiece content 2008 China (Zhengzhou) international glass industry and CHINA of technical equipment exhibition (ZHENGZHOU) the corresponding period of INTERNATIONAL GLASS INDUSTRIAL TECHNICAL EXHIBITION holds: Industry of glass of 2008 mid areas grows height talking to talk about China (Zhengzhou) seminar of communication of technology of vitreous screen printing exhibits date: 18-20 day showed a location in September 2008: Central Plains international reads extensively road of another name for Kaifeng of Zheng of city of central • Zhengzhou supports an unit 96 numbers: Government of Zhengzhou city people sponsors an unit: Silicate of province of association of adornment of building of province of Henan of institute of government of industry of glass of pottery and porcelain of province of association of Chinese building adornment, Henan, Henan learns assist run an unit: Branch of environment of zoology of federation of Chinese housing materials undertakes unit: Motivation exhibits to exhibit Bo Changzhan of limited company, Guangdong to see of service limited company support particularly in Henan: Heng Hui of Henan lucky star pressworks of limited company of goods and materials exhibits meeting setting in recent years, because high speed of our country economy develops, bldg. is pulled move and the demand with energy-saving environmental protection, promoted vitreous industry to develop quickly. As Chinese glass industry swift and violent development, drawing world each country strongly manufacturer and a lot of company thick as hail investment that are famous in the world build a plant, face the demand that the stern test of the international market and home market enlarge increasingly, structure of industry of our country glass is optimized stage by stage, breed increases, production is spent centrally rise ceaselessly, progressively by pattern of the extensive that seeks dimensions, amount so growth, change develops level to pay attention to the quality, stability that optimizes benefit of structure, pursuit. Market introduction Henan -- countrywide glass industry is saved greatly, GDP ranks the whole nation the 5th, mid first of 6 provinces. Radiation China north, northeast, northwest, China medium, southwest and other places. Save rapid development of economy as Henan, the rapid development huge that with Bo of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, American gold Bo, Shangqiu source of Zhen Hua, aid goes straight towards a batch of large glass such as the month to produce a business drove me to save vitreous industry. According to not complete count, I save vitreous company oneself amount to more than 4000, among them glass adds a company greatly nearly 3000, exceed 200 thousand person from personnel of course of study, year turnover is close one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan of RMBs. Be in Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Shang Qiu, anxious the vitreous industry that makes and other places, oneself the pillar industry that makes place. In the meantime, henan is big province of consumption of a glass, bldg. opened area of go back to work to achieve 200 million square metre 2007. Building adornment glass and special glass demand with annual the speed of 20-30% increases by degrees. Convenient traffic content flows, powerful area radiate dominant position, and giant market vacuum, for Henan glass industry more advantageous development provides good space " exhibition of equipment of technology of glass of international of 2008 China Zhengzhou " hold, will be promote mid and even the development of countrywide glass industry to hi-tech, high quality scales, much breed more a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. Strong strong together, authoritative orgnaization makes China build approval of department of civil administration of People's Republic of China of adornment association classics jointly, business guidance is housing of People's Republic of China and ministry of urban and rural construction, have company of directly under member more than 20000. Association secretariat sets 8 jobs branch, have 8 professional committee additionally, there are 126 places to decorate association in countrywide each district. Come 20 years, chinese building decorates association to be a target in order to promote industry productivity development, produced bridge and bond effect. Henan saves silicate to learn to held water in Zhengzhou in October 1980. Existing member 1229 people, set cement, glass, pottery and porcelain metalloid mine, fireproof material, abrasive is ground, 9 professional committee such as machinery and automation and committee of popular science job. Henan saves a building to decorate association to be in charge of an unit to visit construction office for Henan, it is Henan the province is engaged in building sale of production of adornment management, design, construction, material, product, scientific research to wait enterprise or business the organism of complete province industry that organization of unit, society and individual form. Of exposition publicize:1, professional media conduct propaganda: Be in " glass " , " Chinese glass " , " glass is artistic " , " building glass and industrial glass " , net of Asia of glass of net of industry of glass of Chinese glass net, China, China, China is artistic machinery of vitreous net, glass net of glass of automobile of equipment net, China, China, undertake large-scale conduct propaganda reports 2, public media conduct propaganda: The newspaper of the most influential in the whole nation and place force, TV station is recommended exhibit meeting, rise exhibit the meeting is famous degree. 3, straight mail publicizes promotion: Through mailing invitation letter, invitation, visiting 劵 invite more to buy the home domestic and internationally to attend. 4, with sponsor unit and efforts of relevant trade department, the key invites industry insider unit to participate in exhibit meeting. 5, attend relevant exhibit meeting, undertake the spot is popularized, hold regularly about the press conference that postpones meeting progress case. Exposition purchases the invitation of business:1, invite build appoint, hair change appoint the relevant government personnel such as branch of the project division that reachs relevant government sector, construction, building branch attends a meeting look around negotiate. 2, invite contractor of unit of project Party A, real-estate project unit, project, material to purchase hotel of unit, guesthouse, public property to run unit, construction unit, decorate the industry such as the company to be in charge of branch and project of professional user project relevant unit attends a meeting look around negotiate. 3, invite school of scientific research of manage of construction project reconnaissance, designing institute, inspect, advisory unit, building to attend a meeting look around negotiate. 4, invite company of Henan and production of the circumjacent glass that visit town, sale, deep treatment, representative when can look around negotiate. 5, invite Henan and raw material of the circumjacent glass that visit town, complementary makings and other peripheral enterprise to attend a meeting look around negotiate. 6, to the vitreous equipment inside countrywide limits manufacturing sale manufacturer undertakes invitation. Exposition program arranges: Came 20 days on September 18, 2008 1, exhibited business into house cloth to 17 days of ginseng on September 16, 2008; 2, negotiated into the house to 20 days of travelling merchant on September 18, 2008, order goods; 3, on September 20, 2008 afternoon 14: 00 remove exhibit showpiece limits: Glasswork reachs application: Float law, pressure delay, press a flower, super- white, wait for glass former a product; The building decorates window of door of glass, energy-saving glass and fittings; Industrial glass, traffic is carried with glass of container of safe glass, automobile safety glass, glass, substrate; Special type glass, enchase, draw is engraved, arenaceous, laser carves gush, fold burn, the of all kinds and artistic glass such as hot frit, hot turnVitreous deep processing technique and equipment: All sorts of cut, grind an edge, grind bevel edge, bore, sculpture, gush arenaceous and clean wait for treatment machinery; Increase, hot turn, interlining, plated film, hollow, make the manufacturing facilities such as window of lens, printing, door and automation system; Vitreous surface grinds, cast installation; Grind, glass of cutting tool etc machines a tool. Glass produces technology and equipment to reach systems of all sorts of form a complete set: Vitreous raw material adopts the technology of form a complete set of the design that chooses kiln of technology and equipment, energy-saving frit and fireproof material and device; Pull bring, pressure delay, chamfer of clip silk, stannum, press, pressure blow machine, mould, wait for appearance of instrument of annealing kiln system and form a complete set; The automatic management system of system of vitreous production automation and software, factory and workshop. Fireproof material, raw material and all sorts of advocate, complementary material: Vitreous kiln uses fireproof material and technology of form a complete set; Mineral reach a product with industrial chemicals preparation and extract technology; The material of all sorts of abrade, polish, acid etching, Meng Sha and activation glass surface; Concerned metal and precious metal reach goods; All sorts of coating, colorant and dye. The standard exhibits a RMB 5, 800 yuan / clearing (hire since 36 square) RMB 600 yuan / square metre exhibits an expense 1, the standard is exhibited include a piece of 3 lintel board, boarding, be in harmony to talk about two desk, chairs, two shoot electrical outlet of a the lamp, power source, etc; 2, room inside and outside exhibits buy of extremelying He Pei especially (cash pledge of conceited construction cleanness, need construction motivation to use report to ask to electric organizing committee) ; Ad fare: Cover ¥ 18000 yuan of back cover ¥ ¥ of 12000 yuan of inside front cover ¥ of 10000 yuan of inside back cover poors 8000 yuan page ¥ ¥ of page of 10000 yuan of color ¥ of 5000 yuan of black and white edition ¥ of edition of 2000 yuan of characters ¥ of 1000 yuan of entrance ticket 8000 yuan / ¥ of 10 thousand pieces of invitation 12000 yuan / ¥ of 10 thousand pieces of scroll 2000: 5000 yuan / (2 hours) , the organizing committee offers the establishment of form a complete set such as field, acoustics, desk and chair, assist invite relevant and professional personage to attend. Congress sincere the name that ask for a coronal sponsor (detailed data alls alone fully) the organizing committee contacts means: (Motivation exhibits to show limited company in Henan) detailed address: Road of core of business affairs of new developed area of Zhengdong of Zhengzhou city • 19 buildings 1 unit on the west 2203 rooms contact: Phone of Gao Junwei 13849057326: 0371-66300596 66300598 fax: 0371-66300600 network address: Www.70expo.cn email: Hnjbh@126.com
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