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  Time 2008-10-15 comes 2008-10-17 Cycle 1 / year Establish time Application ends 2008-10-10 Gymnasium of bit of showpiece the city between the river Exhibit gymnasium of the city between house title river Showpiece content exhibits meeting content:
(one) , heat preservation, sealed product, raw material and tool equipment, technology, project is revealed, be on sale, negotiate, communication is recommended;
(2) , special subject lecture, specially invite expert tells insulation material to develop trend and management;
(3) , couplet friendship bender;
(4) , constituent honoured guest looks around make an on-the-spot investigation.
Ginseng extend product range:
(one) , outside system of wall heat preservation:
1, series of the heat preservation outside polyurethane hard bubble;
2, series of heat preservation of the wall outside makings of oar of heat preservation of grain of glue pink EPS;
3, series of the wall outside EPS board thin plasterer;
4, series of heat preservation of the wall outside concrete of EPS board cast-in-place;
5, Bo is changed small bead series of heat preservation of the wall outside makings of light aggregate oar;
6, heat preservation thorough piece series of wall body heat preservation;
7, series of heat preservation of the wall outside XPS.
(2) , wall body insulation material: Thorough of compound heat preservation piece; Roofing is waterproof heat preservation series and product of its form a complete set.
(3) , industrial insulation material: Hard bubble polyurethane (PU) series; Polystyrene bubble board (EPS) series; Squeeze model board (XPS) series; Polyethylene expanded plastics board series; Bubble of phenolic aldehyde colophony board series; Series of siliceous aluminium, siliceous calcium, silicate; Adhesive series; Series of cliff cotton, asbestine; Polymer mortar reachs raw material; Series of cloth of vitreous cotton, fibre glass; Bo is changed small bead, series of cellular glass goods; Expand pearlite series; Rubber-plastic series; Series of air conditioning heat preservation; Sealed material series; Heat preservation complementary makings series; Heat preservation coating.
(4) , equipment: Polyurethane spray equipment; Polyurethane plank makes equipment; Tool of heat preservation construction sets equipment series.
  Property is open to businessman and public
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