China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association application for the establishment o
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First, the application content: the establishment of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, cum-saving technologies and equipment branch of the furnace

Second, reasons for applying:

Building and sanitary ceramics industry is resource and energy based industries, with mining industries added features ceramic. Currently the industry in the use of roller kiln ceramic tiles, sanitary ceramic tunnel kiln and shuttle kiln more than 5,000 seats, all kinds of dryer, spray dry tower units, annual consumption of coal, oil, electricity, gas and other energy equivalent more than 3,000 tons of standard coal. The existing national production kiln and drying equipment more than 600 companies. These enterprises in technical equipment, production scale, product quality, etc., with the world advanced level there is not a small gap, the overall level is still at a relatively low stage of development, lack of inter-enterprise members the necessary exchange and communication, the sales market remains relatively incomplete state of disorderly competition. This not only seriously affect the entire building and sanitary ceramics industry's healthy development, but also to the energy saving industry, has caused great difficulties.

Therefore, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association wish to apply for the establishment of furnace-cum-saving technology and equipment branch, for the furnace and related equipment manufacturers to build a communication platform, to encourage innovation and development of energy-saving technologies, effective to promote energy conservation, industry-wide to promote the sustained and healthy development of the industry.

Third, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association business

(A) to carry out industry research, publishing industry information. Positively to the government departments concerned of the industry development planning, technical and economic policies, economic legislation and other proposals, and to participate in sectoral policies and laws formulated and implemented;

(B) to develop the industry of professional ethics, rules and agreement, the establishment of industry self-regulation mechanisms that regulate the industry self-management behavior, and promote trade and equal competition, maintaining the industry as a whole;

(C) authorized by the government departments involved in the development of the industry's various standards and implementation of organizational standards. Assist the Government in fight against counterfeit goods;

(D) maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of members, coordination between members, the relationship between members and other units;

(E) development of vocational education and training, to organize development of the industry reports, seminars, in accordance with relevant provisions of the Association Journal and a variety of editing and publishing technical information;

(Vi) to carry out technical exchanges and advisory services for members to provide domestic and international technical and economic information; authorization or by the relevant government departments and industry development needs of the market held in Exhibition, providing market information to help members develop new markets and product promotions;

(Vii) the development of public sector undertakings that benefit the healthy development of other activities;

(H) and the same industry and related organizations to establish contacts, international economic and technological exchanges and cooperation;

(Ix) The contractor commissioned by the Government and other relevant matters.

Fourth, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, kiln-cum-saving technologies and equipment branch of business

(A) of the furnace and related technology and equipment to guide enterprises to develop energy-saving and emission reduction;

(B) the relevant member companies to establish a communication and exchange platform;

(C) regulate business competition, and reduce the disorderly competition;

(D) with international counterparts to carry out exchanges and cooperation;

(E) Coordination of interactions between members to achieve harmonious development;

(Vi) organizing various training courses, seminars to enhance the industry's energy saving technology;

(Vii) completion of relevant aspects of association and the government entrusted the task to provide quality and effective services to member companies.