New standard of environmental protection of industry of product of wholesome pot
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Water sit implement how many litres is water consumption after all? How many ability does the radiation value of a ceramic tile achieve won't harmful to human body? Does ability of how old coefficient of friction assure to be above ceramic tile do not slip? Total bureau of national environmental protection released ……17 day to build occupation standard of environmental protection of product of wholesome pottery and porcelain first in the morning, made specific provision to relevant index, made clear section water at the same time implement water consumption.

Urinal water consumption does not exceed 3 litres

The section water closestool that sells on the market before uses how many water not clearly to just calculate managing. Newest carry out " wholesome pottery and porcelain " mark criterion made clear section water model implement average water consumption: " ? of  of bosom of bank of  of alliance of  of Yan kneecap arrogant rises; Sit implement average water consumption does not exceed 6 litres; Crouch implement average water consumption does not exceed 8 litres. As we have learned, the country such as Germany, Switzerland uses 6 premium implement very general, the expert expresses to use low water consumption implement the trend that already made world wholesome clean have development. And be in China a such countries that lack water, reduce implement rinse water quantity to reach solve “ closestool slack ” problem, managing effect is more apparent.

Floor tile coefficient of friction should is more than 0.5

As the aged population proportional increase, ground skid resistance already also can become people exceeding the problem that take seriously. Material of the of all kinds polish with the at present largest sales volume on building materials market ground includes floor tile of pottery and porcelain, marble, granite to wait character. When passing to receive water moisture character when these ground material, the skid resistance of the ground can be met become very poor breakneck even, international coefficient of friction classifications coefficient of friction of the regulation in defining a standard (COF) value is in 0.5 the following when, can cause a pedestrian to slip and get injured by fall, this standard had a demand likewise to the coefficient of friction of floor tile of pottery and porcelain.