Air pollution content discharges industrial kiln furnace standard
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Air pollution content discharges industrial kiln furnace the standard releases time: 2008-8-19 21:16:451. Limits
What this standard set dust of soot of industrial furnace kiln, productivity, harmful contaminant by fixed number of year is highest allow those who discharge blackness of chroma, flue gas to discharge be restricted to be worth.
This standard is applied to except the industrial heat that fuel of solid, liquid, gas and report use to heat beyond plant of coking plant furnace, incinerator, cement the management of kiln, and the environmental impact assessment of project of construction of industrial furnace kiln, design, complete is checked and accept after reaching its to build discharge management.
2. cites standard
The clause that following standard place contains, through citing in this standard compose makes the clause of this standard.
Standard of quality of GB 3095-1996 ambient air
Content of the grain in exhaust of source of GB/T 16157-1996 fixed pollution determines with method of gaseous contaminant sampling
3. definition
This standard uses following definition
Kiln of 1. industry furnace
Industrial furnace kiln is to point to the quantity of heat that uses fuel combustion or generation of electric energy changeover in industrial production, have stock or work smelt, roast, agglomeration, fused, heat the hot project facilities that waits for working procedure.
2. standard reference conditions
Show flue gas is 273K in temperature, pressure is the condition when 101325Pa, ” of condition of abbreviation “ mark. The in discharging chroma to all point to the dry flue gas below standard reference conditions numerical value that this standard provides.
3. is discharged without the organization
Every does not adopt chimney or exhaust system and dust of leak soot, productivity and about kill contaminant, all say to be discharged without the organization.
Coefficient of 4. excessive air
When fuel burns, actual air needs the specific value of quantity and quantity of academic air need.
Coefficient of wind of 5. mix into
Coefficient of wind of cupola mix into is the specific value that the empty tolerance that shows from feed in raw material the place such as the mouth enters body of heater and air of cupola craft theory need to measure.
4. technology content
1. discharges applicable area of the standard
This 1. standard is level of one class, 2 class, 3 grade, it is the area of function of ambient air quality in GB 3095 to answer relatively respectively:
A kind of area implements primary standard;
2 kinds of areas implement secondary standard;
3 kinds of areas implement 3 class standard.
Inside a kind of area, outside using bitumen heating furnace temporarily except construction of municipal, building, prohibit building all sorts of industrial furnace kiln, when kiln rebuilds, original industrial furnace must not raise contaminative negative charge.
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