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General principles of the first chapter

The first is sent according to country of the State Council [1984] 54 article release " byelaw of try out of licence of industrial product production " with former state classics appoint classics is qualitative [1984] 526 article release " industrial product produces licence government measure " , canal of ability of State Bureau of Technical Supervision is made send [, make this detailed rules especially.
This the 2nd detailed rules applies to home to produce steel-making report roof to use all companies of tall aluminous brick.
Office of licence of production of ministry of the 3rd metallurgical industry is in charge of what this product produces licence extending, check the management that changes testimony and supervisory job. Metallurgical industry ministry produces licence office to be set in quality of metallurgical industry ministry to supervise department.
Office of licence of production of product of industry of whole nation of the 4th classics is made completely do (1996) 15 article approval, steel-making report roof produces licence quality to detect with product of tall aluminous brick by the country fireproof material quality is supervised examine test center (center of qualitative check of the following abbreviation) assume. Qualitative check center should detect to its the validity of the report and authenticity are responsible. Fireproof material quality controls the country examine test center is set in Luoyang of metallurgical industry ministry fireproof material academy.
Card of the 5th hair (check change testimony) product: Steel-making report roof uses tall aluminous brick. Executive occupation standard is " roof of report of one 93 steel-making uses YB / T5017 tall aluminous brick "
Method of the sampling method that the 6th product examines, test project, test and decide the demand that criterion all presses standard place to set undertakes. The enterprise can be made, carry out severe the industry standard at occupation standard.

Company of production of the 2nd chapter obtains manufacturing license (check change testimony) essential condition

The 7th enterprise must the business charter that nucleus of department of industrial and commercial administration sends hold.
Quality of the 8th product must achieve the requirement of active occupation standard.
The 9th product must have the manufacturing procedure that stipulates what the program approves is correct, complete or technical file.
The 10th enterprise must have the manufacturing facilities that assures product quality, tooling and metric calibrating and test medium.
Eleventh team of the member that the enterprise must have an enough to make sure worker of product quality and the technical personnel that have normal production, knack reachs metric, identifier, and can strict according to blueprint, production craft and technical standard undertake produce and detecting.
Dozenth manufacturing process must build a product effective quality control, the quality system examination of the enterprise must be achieved " quality system examines content " each sets requirement.
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