The new standard that fireproof material implements
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Classics trade appoint approval was released recently the following 5 occupation standard, they will be carried out since January 1, 2005, these 5 occupation standard are:
Boiler of YB/T4108-2002 loop fluid-bed uses wear-resisting firebrick
Boiler of YB/T4109-2002 loop fluid-bed uses wear-resisting fireproof and pouring makings
YB/T4110-2002 magnalium pointed spar is pouring makings
Brick of YB/T4111-2002 casting mouth and brick
YB/T5020-2002 fills steel tub to use tall aluminous brick

GB changed administrative committee approval to release the following 3 states level revises sheet the first number:
GB/T2994-1994 tall aluminium is qualitative fireproof slop
GB/T14982-1994 sticks earthy and fireproof slop
Method of fireproof data chemical analysis absorbs GB/T16555.1-1996 carborundum weight law determines carborundum quantity
Carry out since January 1, 2003.

In the meantime, national classics trade appoint also approve released the following 12 occupation standard revise sheet the first number, carry out since November 22, 2002, they are:
YB/T5015-1993 blast furnace uses tall aluminous brick
YB/T5020-1993 fills steel tub to use brick of tall aluminous qualitative line
YB/T5021-1993 fills the cast steel inside steel tub to use tall aluminous qualitative firebrick
The bag pledges with silicon among YB/T4033-1991 Lian Zhu heat insulation board
YB/T384-1991 silicon is qualitative fireproof slop
YB/T5050-1993 blast furnace uses argillaceous brick
YB/T5106-1993 sticks earthy firebrick
YB/T5109-1993 mould uses argillaceous qualitative firebrick
YB/T5017-1993 hot-blast stove uses argillaceous qualitative firebrick
YB/T5111-1993 fills steel tub to use argillaceous qualitative firebrick
YB/T5112-1993 fills the cast steel inside steel tub to use argillaceous qualitative firebrick
YB/T5115-1993 clay pledges with tall aluminium character fireproof but plastic