Soot of industrial furnace kiln discharges a standard
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This standard is a basis " law of prevention and cure of air pollution of People's Republic of China " with GB3095 - 82 " standard of atmosphere environment quality " regulation, to control soot of industrial furnace cellar pollution, improvement is air mass, tutelar civilian healthy, stimulative economy grows and make.

This standard applies to cellar of furnace of coal fired, fuel, industry burning gas.

1 mark fiducial value reachs applicable area

Soot of cellar of furnace of coal fired of 1.1 of all kinds area discharges the watch below mark fiducial value and applicable area rank:


The category is applicable the area is concessional soot chroma, mg/m3 concessional Lin Ge

Graceful blackness class
Have new extend
1 scenery scenic spot area, natural groove guard

With other need special protection area 200—1
2 programs residential area 300—1
3 industrial districts, suburb reachs county 300 200 1
600 400 2 of 4 other areas

1.2 of all kinds fuel light gas stove cellar, smoke evacuation blackness must not be more than Lin Geman blackness one class.

1.3 cement industry presses GB4915 - 85 " cement industry pollutant discharge standard " carry out. Metallurgy industry presses GB4911 ~ 4913 - 85 " pollutant discharge standard of iron and steel industry " , " pollutant discharge standard of light metal industry " , " pollutant discharge standard of industry of heavy nonferrous metal " carry out. Afore-mentioned industrial furnace cave dwelling that did not include implement this standard.

1.4 light the industrial furnace pit that uses other fuel, can consult this standard is carried out.

In be being expressed on 1.5 standards applicable area, a kind of area is decided by the country; 2, 3, 4 kinds of areas are set by government of prefectural above people.

Height of chimney of 2 furnace kiln

Lowest of height of 2.1 furnace kiln not under 15m.

2.2 be in all round chimney inside the distance of radius 200m when having a building, chimney height is average should tower above is highest building 3m.

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